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Here are just some of the testimonials we have collected over the last few years. Thank you to all who have contributed.

Testimonials received by E-Mail:

(Our) parents bought our first original Henschel painting as a wedding present. We liked it so much that on a visit to Vancouver Island 3 years later we visited the gallery and bought another original as well as several prints.
Bryan & Heidi

We are enjoying the snowy tree you sold us last summer. It reminds us of all the fun we had snow shoeing last winter.
Bruce & Mary

Gordon, I have quite a few of your earlier works, some oils & watercolours. I enjoy them as much today as when I first purchased them. My husband of 7 years has become quite a fan also. Nice to see your newer work. It's true some things get better with age.
Fort Langley

Man, you are still the master - water, rock, birds, water life, near, far, reflections, mist, real or representational, balance, color. You choice of topic and "the eye", WOW. I will buy your book!

I've come to Port McNeill two years in a row and stayed at the Hideaway for a kayaking trip with Northern Lights. Both times I have been truly awed by the beauty in that area. I bought a print both times and always feel the most calming sensation overcome me when I view the beauty and serenity that he is able to capture. I will come back every year and I hope to visit the gallery. Your work is unbelievable, Mr. Henschel.

We received both prints intact (they were packed so well) and we're deciding where to hang them in our home. We do so love your art. Thanks again for such wonderful service.
Curtis & Celeste

I am very impressed with your art as I have lived on the coast for all my life (and that's over 50 years!) And have lived in Campbell River for 45 years so find your coastal paintings reflect the peace of mind that I feel with the nature of the coast.
Campbell River

All very, very nice. All very, very well. With my best compliments made in Europe.

I needed to see my old home and I knew this site would be the one to show me what I am missing. I look at the pieces of your work we have everyday. Keep up the good work!

We are back in Birch Bay now. The paintings are all up and look great. Many thanks for your warm welcome and assistance with the pictures. Can't wait to make another visit to your beautiful corner of the world.
Bruce & Lynn
Birch Bay, USA

On July 17, 2000, I had the pleasure of visiting the Telegraph Cove Gallery as well as your own Gallery at home. I must say that I was totally impressed and enjoyed every minute I spent in both of your locations. I happened upon your art quite by accident and I am quite pleased I did. Thank you for sharing your paintings with me.

Dear Mr. Henschel, very nice site you have here. I've enjoyed your work for a number of years now. Hanging admiringly in our living room are Telegraph Cove and Blue Star, both stir fond memories of your beautiful part of the country. I've actually met you twice, once at the Cove and you and your wife at your home Gallery.
Paul & Doris
London, Ontario

I was just talking about you two the other day admiring all my "Gordon Henschel's" on our walls and wondered if you had a web site! Was I happy or what??? I've been on here an hour and my kids need lunch! I lived in Port Hardy about 4 years ago and miss coming out to your gallery - am so glad I can visit anytime now. The web site is great and am looking forward to adding to my collection soon. Thanks for the pleasure you bring my family and I!!!
Williams Lake, BC

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Henschel:
I am feeling a little homesick, so I logged on to the net and here I am. I live in Port Alice, but am here visiting my family. I want to thank both of you for cheering my spirits. One, for putting on such a wonderful website. Two, Gordon, for doing such beautiful art.
Grande Prairie, AB

New to the internet, I was delighted to see your website. We have an original of Hardy Bay and it is a major source of conversation for guests to our home. Have always enjoyed your work.
108 Mile House, BC

We received this print as a gift (Rush Hour Traffic). We will be in Port McNeill the long weekend of May. We would like to bring it up to you for personal framing and possibly purchase another print during our trip up.
Campbell River, BC

I try to paint watercolors some and hope to work on it even more when I retire. I think your work is the most outstanding I have seen. We visited Canada in August and it was a wonderful country; however, I don't think we saw scenery as gorgeous as that you have painted.

Hello. I am a teacher of Numata Senior High School. I appreciated your kindness when I visited there last month. Say hello to all the staffs. Good-bye.

I love the stories with each picture. It makes the pictures really come alive. Thanks!
Summerland, BC

I enjoyed going to the website and viewing the new additions. But, my heart jumped into my throat when I saw that "Running Before The Storm" had been sold...that's what I get for dawdling! Oh, well, another time.
Vancouver, BC

Greatly enjoyed visiting your gallery while vacationing on Vancouver Island earlier this month. Was one of the highlights of our trip.
Terry & Christine
Michigan, USA

I have some of your work, which I purchased while at Telegraph Cove. Everyone here loves it!
California, USA

Henschel Fine Arts

Had an absolutely great time when we were there for real and once again, thanks a million.
Comox, BC

Viewing your work is like reading fine poetry. Thanks for the beautiful site. (Found by Federation of Canadian Artists site)
Pennsylvania, USA

A short message to let you know the pictures arrived yesterday. I have them already hanging in my livingroom. The frames we picked out are perfect. Thank you very much for packing them so well. I wish you could see them. They are perfect!

Thanks for your invitation to visit your updated website. Its probably been at least 3 years since we visited your Gallery. Browsing through your website brings back all the good memories and feelings of the North Island. Thanks again for that great feeling.!
Richmond, BC

Just wanted you to know that print of Rush Hour I bought looks perfect in my living room above the fireplace and everyone loves it!
Comox, BC

This is my first visit to your website. I have just 'rediscovered' Vancouver Island as well as impressive fine art. I am enjoying what I am seeing.
Kitchener, ON

The paintings arrived this afternoon via UPS. Thanks to your exceptional packaging techniques, both items arrived in perfect condition. Each work looks even better than I remembered!!! I can't help but think that we should have purchased "The Drifters" as well..

Dear Mr. Henschel:
I was introduced to your work some time ago while living in Port McNeill and would just like to say that of all the wildlife/coastal artists I've seen, you are by far the only one who seems to have captured the pure 'soul' and essence of life on the coast in any one of your pieces.
I own a number of your pieces which still remain my all time favorites. As a webpage designer I am SO GLAD to see you have a wonderful site on the web that does your work justice. I am looking forward to adding to my collection of your works in the near future!!
Port Alberni, BC

Hi Gordon - I was searching the web for Keogh River information that has recently been in the press, when I came across your rendition. Titles "Keogh Estuary at High Tide". Next time I'm on the North Island I must come by the studio for a closer look.

After 25 years of working on this ecosystem, locations such as the one you've captured, here at high tide, take on a special, even spiritual meaning.

My husband and I (one of the newlyweds) were with you on the ferry trip from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy through the inside passage. I just wanted to write and say that you have a wonderful website. The artwork we purchased has found coveted spaces on our walls and in our wedding honeymoon memorabilia scrapbook pages. Thank you for your watercolour demonstrations. Cheers.
Pamela & David
Vancouver, BC

I just checked in on your "First Tracks" and :Sunset Stroll". They are beautiful. The Sunset on the water just looks so fluid and as if you could reach out and splash the water. I don't know how Gordon ever gets those beautiful trees and snow, mine would end up looking like blobs.
Nova Scotia

We received the print of The End of Era already. It's in good condition when arriving us. Thank you for asking. We've not viewed your update website but we'' visit your web soon.

The painting arrived safe and sound yesterday. As instructed, we waited 'til this morning to unpack it. I gotta tell you that up close and in person, we made a great choice, it's fabulous!...and my gracious, what a well thought out way you packaged it! That part of your work must take a fair bit of time to accomplish in its own right!
Winnipeg, MB

Testimonials -
Australian Connection

As a native of WA, I am thrilled to hear that you were down under. To see your paintings of WA on the website makes me instantly homesick and proud of my homeland.
Vancouver, BC

The paintings of OZ make us want to go back for another visit. Too bad I'M not a millionaire so I could buy them all!
John & Val
Vernon, BC

I've just had a quick tour of your site additions - loved the Australian Connection and especially the Henrietta Rocks! That one is gorgeous!!!! You can hear the waves and see them swelling below the rocks!!! Will look forward to more from down under!
Langley, BC

As a struggling traditional artist who turned professional only 9 months ago, I have been greatly encouraged by your story that I've just re-read in the Australian Artist Magazine from April 2000. And since viewing your wonderful website my dwindling enthusiasm has once again been re-sparked! Thank you! And hopefully in the future I too will find a similar 'brilliant graphics designer/computer wizard' as you have to get me up & going on the web.
N.S.W. Australia

Just a quick note to say we are really enjoying the paintings we purchased from your studio while holidaying on Vancouver Island at Christmas. Once they are up they will remind us of the beautiful place the island is. Thank you for great art mate.
Brian, Shoshana & Joel
North Queensland, Australia

Hello. Read (in Australian Artist Magazine) you were in Australia on the West Coast. Hope you enjoy your stay. Great painting! We wish you well.

Enjoyed Telegraph Cove very much and also visit to the Gallery. Purchased several prints which bring back lots of lovely memories.
Victoria, AU

All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. Your painting can be shipped worldwide.

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