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Neroutsos Sunset
Neroutsos Sunset

This is the time of year for incredible sunsets, ones that seem endless. I have been fortunate enough to see sunsets nearer the equator, where the sun seems to hover over the ocean for a few moments and then plunge into it like a pelican. Here darkness is instantaneous. However, as a Canadian artist I have been totally spoiled by our lingering sun; one that crawls horizontally along an endless horizon and never ever seems to set completely. Not quite the land of the midnight sun where we live, but close. On the other hand, if you want to paint a sunset in Mexico your brush had better be smoking!
As a biased North Islander, I do believe we have it just a tad better than most of Canada when it comes to sunsets, since our area is the most beautiful! (How’s that for North Island arrogance?) Why would I come up with a statement like that? Because, in order for a sunset to be really impressive, it has to have a mirror. Our area has thousands of great mirrors in an ocean that surrounds us, dipping and diving into our shorelines with miles of glorious inlets. A spectacular example of this is Quatsino Sound with its many arms, one of which is Neroutsos Inlet, which culminates in a most picturesque North Island town, Port Alice.
As much as I love Port Alice, I’ve never associated it with sunsets, probably because when I paint there I usually pack up and go home for dinner. One evening, after deciding to treat our visiting friends to dinner there, we emerged from the restaurant to be met by a sky full of an array of colours that literally blew us away! To get a better view we moved along the sidewalk that runs halfway to the mill, enjoying a kaleidoscope of different views with every few steps.
I rarely paint sunsets because paint can hardly do them justice, but I had to get this one down before I lost the memory. Trying to remember all those colours was pure fun and nostalgic indulgence, but I do hope you enjoy it as well!

Henschel Fine Arts
Henschel Fine Arts

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