Gouache paints are often called “Designers” colours because Graphic artists use them to design their work. Both Winsor Newton and Daler-Rowney have a good line of gouache paints. Opus Framing (www.opusframing.com) carries the Daler-Rowney line, while Curry’s Art Supplies (www.currys.com) has the Winsor Newton one.

The Colours
A cool and warm of each primary plus zinc white and titanium white is the bare minimum. Titanium White is very opaque and usually used as a white alone, while Zinc White is more transparent and used to mix with the other colours. It’s always handy to have a few of the secondary colours such as orange, green and purple, to save time in mixing. The tertiary colours such as Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Payne’s Grey, etc. are at your discretion. Your guide can be the ones mentioned in the transparent watercolour list.

Brushes can be the same ones used for transparent watercolours. Gouache is a medium that is non-invasive and very kind to your brushes. A variety of sizes in flats and rounds is a good idea.

Painting Supports
The same kind of watercolour paper is used as in transparent watercolours unless you are combining with Casein, in which case the paper must be thick because Casein applied heavily is susceptible to cracking.

Other Items
All the miscellaneous materials used in transparent watercolours are necessary for Gouache.

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