There is only one brand name of casein produced in North America, SHIVA, and the only Canadian supplier that I am aware of is Curry’s Art Supplies in Ontario. Check them out at www.currys.com

The Colours
There are a large number of colours available but the basic set of six colours is probably fine for this playshop. If you want to choose your own colours get a warm and a cool of each primary and a white.

A variety of flats and rounds in synthetic brushes is good. If you are painting in Acrylics as well, you can use them interchangeably.

Painting Supports
Heavier supports are required for casein since thick applications will crack when manipulated. Illustration board, 300 lb. watercolour paper and masonite will be fine. If canvas or lighter paper texture is desired, they must be glued to a more rigid backing such as masonite.

Other Items
You will need water containers, rags or paper towels for cleaning up, and Kleenex plus a good sponge for using in the painting process. For a palette use a glass, porcelain or enamelled surface. A butcher tray or a white kitchen plate will work. As with the other water mediums, a spray bottle, an old tooth brush, drawing pencils, eraser and a sketch pad. Casein paint can be permanent after a few days, so don’t wear your best clothing!

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