FIVE DAY WATERCOLOUR playshop - Outline

Each day will have (1) Demo (2) Practice (3) Critiques.

Day 1: The Tools and Techniques
The Basic Tools of watercolour and their manipulation. How paper, brushes, and pigments affect the final product. An in-depth look at the tools you work with.

Techniques in watercolour are so many and varied that this subject will be continued throughout the 5 days. In this first day, flat washes, graded washes, and wet in wet as well as direct painting will be introduced in detail. Masking techniques and wipe-out will be covered as well.

Day 2: Colour Theory in Watercolour
*how to use each of the colour groupings
*the colour wheel in detail and all its ramifications
*students will build their own wheel using the colours they have at hand

Day 3: Elements and Principles of Design
The basics of picture composition will be covered so that students can
apply it directly to their work in process. They will be taught how to
critique their own pictures from the beginning drawing to the finished

Day 4: Advanced Colour Theory
Colour schemes, colour temperature, aerial perspective, how to create a
thousand grays, mixing darks, mixing greens, and an in-depth study into

Day 5: Painting Outdoors
This will happen on the nicest of the 5 days and is a necessary experience
for the landscape painter.

Painting the Picture:
*creating, not copying or transcribing
*tricks and techniques for interpreting what you see into your own statement
*significant design -- the role of shapes and patterns
*creating your own design

The five-day playshop is a really creative experience and participants can
significantly move in new directions during this period. However, because
each group and each individual is different and unique, the above outline
is merely a guideline. The experience each group brings to the playshop
will determine its direction.

(c) Copyright 2001 Henschel Fine Arts